Servlet 3.0-Innovative!

The Proposed Final Draft for Servlet 3.0 is published.
There are quite a few  new feautures and enhancements.
To sum up in general;

  • No more need to web.xml.Simply use annotations.  You just add @WebServlet  at the top of your Java class and that’s it!  For example:  @WebServlet(urlPatterns=“/foo”,  name=”MyServlet”, asyncSupported=true)
  • Dynamic servlet registration. Programmatically configure and map servlets
  • Configuration  frameworks by another xml ,web-fragment.xml, not touching web.xml.
  • resources of web app like jsp’s and static pages are located in bundled jar files as well. They do not need to be in webb app’s root.
  • Asynchronous servlet support
  • Annotation-based security
  • Cookie configuration by web.xml

Here is a very concise and informative presentation about servlet 3.0