Devoxx 2014 Notes

I just love devoxx. Perfect place without working yet breathing in and out software.Was again excellent this year, full of tech and fun.


Wristbands.Loved them.Devoxx organisers just built this great mechanism to facilitate lunch and other stuff collecting and voting for sessions via these wristbands.Integrated NFC module,waterproof.All software built in-house. It is being used at least for 3 years.You don’t ever need to take it off,so no ‘check where the badge is’..

Devoxx Hunt.Excellent gamification. They ordered hundreds of again NFC module devices (from China) and distributed the to all over the city of Antwerp and the venue.Via you mobile app,you could collect those beacons,as you get physically close to them, unlock achievements and win free tickets to next devoxx.Software was built on Java 9 according to what one of the devs said.Great work. Appreciate this innovative spirit of Devoxx crew. :Server-side replacement,it looks like.A web site where you can quickly get updated about what is going on in Java world.

Hottest Technologies

Docker was one of the most popular technologies shined on us.Other starts of the devoxx were Openshift,Angular.js,Polymer, Websockets,Raspberry Pi(Of course),Java 8 Lambdas and JavaEE Microservices.

-So many simultaneous conferences,hard to choose..It is handy that devoxxians will have 1 year free Parleys subscription and will be able to watch other sessions on the web.

-There were lots of non-techie sessions this year. Session about creativity by Denise Jacobs was remarkable. There was also a whole stream about startups. A guy told about his really painful experience as a contract developer where he did not get any payment. Company he worked for owed him around 20 grand euros.I don’t remember the exact amount but it was something in this range.So he was really determined to get it through following legal procedures.After 1.5 year,he ended up having already spent another 20K and still could not even get in front of a judge.For that he needed some more time and more money.And the judge is as you can imagine a 60+ with no understanding of any technical stuff whatsoever.So his clear message was ‘if you can not get your many,just write it off! Forget about it and move on with your life.’ Pretty upsetting story.